25-Jun- 2017
The Fathers House
  • 25-Jun- 2017The Fathers House
    25-Jun- 2017
    The Fathers House
  • 11-Jun- 2017The Silk Road.
    11-Jun- 2017
    The Silk Road.
    The Silk Road.
  • 04-Jun- 2017A New Day Dawns
    04-Jun- 2017
    A New Day Dawns
    When the angel Gabriel announced the birth of John the Baptist, he told Zachariah (John’s father) what the boy would grow up to do. He would be a forerunner, one who would prepare the way for the coming Messiah. He would prepare a people for the coming of the Lord. But how would he do that? The angel said that he would do it by fulfilling Malachi 4:6, the last verse of the Old Testament – he would turn the hearts of the parents to their children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the righteous. As we look forward to the soon return of the Lord, we His people are to prepare the way for His coming. How? I believe by doing the same thing that John did.
  • 28-May- 2017My Witness Makes a Difference
    28-May- 2017
    My Witness Makes a Difference
    Each of us has a story, a testimony about what Jesus has done in our lives. Every day our lives bear witness to our walk with the Lord. We must also be aware that we have an enemy who seeks weak,immature believers to devour. When he finds such,he can turn their witness against them to the point where they participate with him in accusing the brethren. Let’s allow our witness to make a difference as we resist the enemies plan and walk so close to Jesus that people around us say, “Your God will be my God”.
  • 21-May- 2017My Daily Disciplines Make A Difference
    21-May- 2017
    My Daily Disciplines Make A Difference
    We all have disciplines that we do daily.  We might call them our “to do list” or our “routine” but what they amount to are “disciplines” which we follow in order to keep things in order in our live.  Not only do we have disciplines by which we operate in this world, but we also have spiritual disciplines which help us to grow closer to Jesus and in our ability to be good citizens in His Kingdom.
  • 14-May- 2017My Prayers Make a Difference
    14-May- 2017
    My Prayers Make a Difference
    Prayer is more important than most of us think. It is literally God’s invitation to us to participate with Him in the execution of His plan in the earth. James tells us that Elijah was a human being
    just like us, and yet we know that God did amazing things through his life. Elijah was a man of prayer, and he was a man who walked in obedience to God when he heard God speak to him. Imagine what God could do in our generation if we would begin to pray and obey like Elijah did.
  • 07-May- 2017My Love Makes A Difference
    07-May- 2017
    My Love Makes A Difference
     Love is of paramount importance in the Kingdom of God.  Jesus said that the commands to love God and to love one’s neighbor as one loves oneself are the two commandments upon which the Old Testament is founded.  In other words, love is the foundation of God’s Kingdom.  Most of us tend to love others based on our expectations of others – when they meet our expectations we respond positively in favorable way towards them; but when they do not meet our expectations we act negatively towards them, and we feel justified in our actions.  But, that is not love.  The kind of love that God expects us to have towards other is the same that He has towards us.  “That’s impossible”, you say.  Actually, it is not, because God, in His grace, makes His love available to us if we will walk humbly before Him.
  • 30-Apr- 2017My Humility Makes A Difference
    30-Apr- 2017
    My Humility Makes A Difference
    Summary: Humility is the foundational attitude of God’s Kingdom. We are told in Scripture that “God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble”, and we certainly need God’s grace in every area of our lives if we are going to live lives that bring glory to His name. It follows then that we need to walk humbly before God if we want more of His grace. In other words, my humility – or lack thereof – makes a huge difference in my own spiritual walk, which in turn affects my ability to influence my family, my church, and my community for God’s Kingdom.
  • 23-Apr- 2017Peaceful United New Community
    23-Apr- 2017
    Peaceful United New Community
    Peaceful United New Community.
  • 16-Apr- 2017He Died, He Arose, He’s Coming Again
    16-Apr- 2017
    He Died, He Arose, He’s Coming Again
    This Easter Sunday we look back and remember what Christ has done for us. He died on our behalf, a shameful death on a cross, so that we could be restored to right relationship to His Father. But, He did not stay dead. He arose from the grave. The power of the Gospel and His work on the cross is found in the Resurrection. He’s alive today. We also look to the future. Because He is alive, we know He is coming back as He promised. It is up to us to make sure that we are ready for Him when He returns. The bride prepares herself for the arrival of the bridegroom. Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus! Come quickly!
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