17-Sep- 2017
Worship in spirit and truth
Worship in spirit and truth
  • 17-Sep- 2017Worship in spirit and truth
    17-Sep- 2017
    Worship in spirit and truth
    Worship in spirit and truth
  • 10-Sep- 2017One Thing!
    10-Sep- 2017
    One Thing!
    The phrase "one thing" appears a number of times in the Scriptures. David asked the lord for "one thing", that he could dwell in the house of the Lord forever (Psalm 27:4). Paul said that he only focused on "one thing", to forget his past and to press on towards the goal to which God called him (Philippians 3:13-14). Jesus exhorted the Rich Young Ruler that there was "one thing" he still lacked, to sell his possessions and give the proceeds to the poor. One thing (no pun intended) is clear to me: the Lord places an importance on “focus” in our spiritual life. If we are going to bring heaven into our homes, we must focus, - we must be single-minded - on the things of the Lord, otherwise we will be double-minded, tossed about like the waves of the sea (James 1:5-8).
  • 03-Sep- 2017What is Heaven All About?
    03-Sep- 2017
    What is Heaven All About?
    Throughout the Scriptures, from the very first verse until the final chapter, we see that God’s plan has always been that heaven and earth would be united. Simply put, God wants to be with His people.
  • 20-Aug- 2017The Hour Cometh and Now is
    20-Aug- 2017
    The Hour Cometh and Now is
    The Hour Cometh and Now is.
  • 13-Aug- 2017Release The Pentecost Harvest
    13-Aug- 2017
    Release The Pentecost Harvest
    "Release The Pentecost Harvest".
  • 06-Aug- 2017Bearing Kingdom Fruit
    06-Aug- 2017
    Bearing Kingdom Fruit
    Part of the Father’s Heart towards us is His desire that we would bear Kingdom fruit in our lives – fruit that pleases Him and that brings glory to His Name. In John 15 Jesus spoke to His disciples about this, and gave them two keys to being fruitful. The first is the key of remaining connected to Him, just as a branch remains connected to a vine. The second is the key of obedience that comes from knowing that He loves us and loving Him in return. The more we remain in Christ and grow in our love for Him, the more the Father will tend us like a Gardner tends the vine, and the more we will bear fruit. We will go from bearing no fruit to bearing fruit, then to bearing more fruit and, eventually to bearing much fruit that lasts forever.
  • 30-Jul- 2017Making Him Know
    30-Jul- 2017
    Making Him Know
    "Making Him Know".
  • 16-Jul- 2017Kowing Him
    16-Jul- 2017
    Kowing Him
    Summary: Jesus was asked what the greatest commandment is. In His reply he gave not only the greatest– love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength – but also  he second greatest - love your neighbour as you love yourself. He also said that the entire Law and Prophets – i.e. the Old Testament – can be summed up in these two. This is the essence, the bottom line of what the Scriptures are all about – to love God through having an intimate, personal relationship with Him (i.e. to know Him) and to love others as we love ourselves by making God known to them.
  • 09-Jul- 2017Cast Your Cares On Him
    09-Jul- 2017
    Cast Your Cares On Him
    All of us face cares in this life. It’s not a matter of if, but when. What is critical then is how we face them. We can either worry about the cares of this life, or we can try to ignore them. Neither of these two options actually produces the results that we need. In fact, they contribute further to the cares that will come our way in the future. There is a third way we can handle the cares of life: we can cast them on the Lord, because He cares for us.
  • 02-Jul- 2017Drawing Closer
    02-Jul- 2017
    Drawing Closer
    Security is a huge concern for VIP’s as they travel. When the President of China came to Hong Kong, barriers and barricades suddenly appeared overnight and the “normal” life of Hong Kong people was disrupted as he moved around town. The average person had no chance to get anywhere near him while he was here. It is quite the opposite with our heavenly Father. There are no security barricades barring our way to Him. The door has been opened; the way to His presence has been prepared; the invitation to enter in has been extended. It is up to us now to accept that invitation and to draw near.
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