Take the Island Line (blue line) to Wan Chain station and exit at EXIT A1 (Lockhart Road exit). As you come out of the exit, turn right and walk along Lockhart Road, to the third intersection of Lockhart Road and Tonnochy Road – you will cross over Fleming Road (1st intersection) and Stewart Road (2nd intersection). Lucky Plaza is on the North East corner of Lockhart and Tonnochy Roads. Take the lift to the 4th Floor and turn left as you exit the lift. Our office is Unit F at the end of the hall (Note: use the left or right lift, as the middle lift only serves odd floors and does not stop at he 4th floor).

By Taxi

Tell the taxi driver to take you to “315 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai”. Click here for a printable address in Chinese to show the taxi driver.
By Bus
There are many buses that will drop you off within a few minutes walk of Central Plaza. Our suggestion is that you click here to the Hong Kong Transportation Department’s “point-to-point” application to see the bus options for wherever you are coming from. Use the text “AXA Centre, Tonnochy Road” for the destination option – the AXA Centre is across the road from the office. Click here for links to mobile versions of this transportation application.
There are a number of parking garages within a few minutes walk of Lucky Plaza. The average hourly fee is $30.00 or higher. Jaffe Road (1 block away) has 2 hour parking meters, but seldom are there any available.